"You see things, and you say, 'Why?'
But I dream things that never were, and I say, 'Why Not?'"
- George Bernard Shaw, Irish Playwright

Many of us dream of starting our own business, but how many of us know where to even begin? Like any journey, reaching the goal at the top of a mountain seems like a challenge out of our reach. For anyone who has hiked up to the peak of a mountain, the realization in climbing to the top is far more feasible than one had expected. Though not without its challenges, the one climbing the mountain takes steps, moving further along on the journey with the right equipment and a helpful guide to lead the way.

Who We Are

StartingUp Now (SU) provides solution-based tools and services that aim to help you attain your goals and successfully build your business. StartingUp Now is a catalyst, similar to that of a guide, which will assist the entrepreneur in getting familiar with the "journey" of business planning and starting-up. StartingUp Now provides easy-to-use templates and tools facilitating business training for the entrepreneur, as well as quality information for what the journey will look like.

Know More Nonprofits: Moving from Dependency to Sustainability is the latest book from author and entrepreneur L. Brian Jenkins, President of StartingUp Now. Discover ways to develop your ideas into effective business models with fund raising strategies that best fit your goals. Whatever your niche, the question remains—Should you launch a for-profit or non-profit organization to accomplish your goals? You’ll get impactful solutions to successfully navigate the funding landscape and gain insight into cultural, racial and historical barriers African-American and Latinx nonprofit leaders typically face to secure funding.

What We Do

StartingUp Now provides easy-to-use tools. The decision's been made and the entrepreneur is ready and willing to take the journey to the mountaintop. What's even more important than the motivation to make the trek, however, is the equipment in order to do so. As the business guide, StartingUp Now  delivers equipment options through tools, such as StartingUp Now: 24 Steps to Launch Your Own Business; the StartingUp Now Facilitator Guide; and the StartingUp Now Skillcenter.

StartingUp Now offers training services. In addition, StartingUp Now can make specific recommendations depending on the business and the people teaching or pursuing entrepreneurship through its training services. These workshops and trainings—both for the individual and/or facilitator—provides the essential guidance that accelerates a successful climb to the top.

StartingUp Now gives you access to become a member of a global business community. Though the journey relies on the individual taking actionable steps to reach the goal of launching a business, it may require the entrepreneur to connect with others who have either gained valuable experience journeying along a similar path or with other like-minded individuals who have successfully reached success. The StartingUp Now Skillcenter allows entrepreneurs to share tools, tips, and resources to help one another along the way. Skillcenter is an integrated content and social networking web platform that allows you to access quality entrepreneurship resources and the ability to connect with a global business community.

With the assistance from StartingUp Now and Skillcenter, entrepreneurs have the ability to reach the mountain peak with the completion of their business plan, equipping them to begin the journey of their next venture in launching their business. However, the journey doesn't stop there. The entrepreneur can ultimately become a guide by helping others while growing their business network.