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StartingUp Now: Facilitator Training in Action

- Monday, September 21, 2015

After our facilitator training in June, many of our participants have put the SUN method into action. One of those successful participants is Scott Turpin of Dallas, Texas. Scott is using the StartingUp Now (SUN) method to teach entrepreneurship to 11th and 12th graders at Uplift Peaks Prep and Uplift Heights Prep Charter School in Dallas, TX. Uplift's mission is to create and sustain public schools of excellence that empower students to reach their highest potential in college and the global marketplace and that inspire in students a life-long love of learning, achievement, and service in order to positively change their world.

From mowing yards as a teenager to teaching tennis lessons in college to founding a youth camp, Scott has been a lifelong entrepreneur. When Scott learned of the SUN facilitator course, he was impressed with the breakdown of the business planning process and how teachable the methods were. He knew that the method would be perfectly adaptable to teach high school students.

On August 11, 2015, Scott launched the SUN class to 19 students at the two high schools. The students were so eager to take the class, that many of them chose the class over an ACT Prep course. Scott keeps the class exciting for the students by connecting the lessons to current events, such as McDonald’s or Apple’s business practices and principles.

The students, paired in teams of two, prepared a “Big Idea” and are developing a business plan to be presented to their peers and faculty in December. The “Big Ideas” that the students selected were not only exciting but innovative as well. Student business ideas include pet sitting, molecular cooking/catering, virtual dining, a grocery delivery service for elderly customers, a blog that captures restaurant reviews through a teen’s perspective, and tech services that help the elderly and those in retirement communities make the best use of their electronics.

The class has generated a passion for entrepreneurship in the hearts and minds of the students and is inspiring a whole new generation of thought leaders. Scott believes the StartingUp Now facilitators training course has a great curriculum and is perfect for anyone looking to share the power of entrepreneurship with their community.

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