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Randi Craigen - Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Often the best ideas for products are born out of genuine need. Someone confronts a problem, cannot find an adequate solution, and so comes up with a solution of his/her own. Sounds simple enough, but the road to getting that solution off the ground and into the hands of people who need it can be long and filled with obstacles. Sticking with it and seeing it through requires determination, perseverance and a genuine belief that the product can make a difference. Those qualities, along with a lot of prayer and a strong support system, helped Angelique Warner develop Nurse 'N Go—a soft-sided baby carrier that allows nursing moms to breast feed their babies while keeping their hands free.

Angelique knew by age 8 that she wanted to be a mom one day and specifically wanted to have four children. That dream stuck with her throughout her childhood, teenage years and into her college years. She met her husband, Bryan, at work during the summer while a student at Wheaton College. They were married 6 months after graduation. Not long after that, they became parents … to 8 boys of varying ages with varying emotional and behavioral challenges, who were wards of the State and living in a residential facility outside of Chicago. Angelique and Bryan loved being parents and dedicated many years to nurturing the young boys in their care. Their first child was born during that time and Angelique quickly discovered the challenges of breastfeeding an infant while having many other needs to tend to. Their journey then led them to another residential facility where they became house parents to 14 boys, while also adding 3 more children to their own family, including a set of twins. As a mom of four children under the age of four--one being a baby who refused to take a bottle--and 14 other children of varying ages, Angelique found there were countless times when being able to breast feed privately while keeping her hands free would have been a tremendous asset. It was while still nursing her youngest and trying to toilet train her twins with a house full of boys running around that Angelique first had a vision of a baby carrier that would allow her to breastfeed privately and hands free.  All of her research online and going from store to store yielded no results. She couldn’t find anything like what she had envisioned. Finally, her aunt told her, “Maybe you’re supposed to invent it.”

Overwhelmed at the thought and having no idea where to begin, Angelique didn’t do anything until her youngest turned three and started pre-school. After further research proved there still wasn’t anything on the market that fit her vision, Angelique shifted her research to how to invent something. It was in January 2008 that Angelique first began journaling about her idea. Eight years later she had her first sale—to Brian Jenkins of StartingUp Now. Brian and Angelique met while she was an undergraduate student and he was a graduate student at Wheaton College. They kept in touch over the years, and Brian became a trusted friend and business advisor. The ensuing eight years were filled with prototypes and revisions of both her product and her business plan. Countless people offered encouragement and help along the way, including sewing samples, giving legal counsel, writing patent applications, introducing contacts, etc. Finally, Nurse 'N Go became a reality, passed government inspections and is now on the market—a product nursing moms everywhere will find especially helpful when the phone’s ringing, the kids are screaming, the dog’s scratching at the door and the baby needs to be fed. Congratulations, Angelique, for sticking with it and launching Nurse 'N Go. CLICK HERE for more info on Nurse-n-Go. Angelique and Nurse-n-Go will also be featured in an upcoming issue of Inventor’s Digest and on the internet radio program The Love Perspective, April 13, 6-8 pm.
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